Kepware – KepServerEx Introductory Training


Over the last 20+ years PTC Kepware has built a remarkable portfolio of industrial connectivity solutions to help businesses connect diverse automation devices and software applications, and has been recognized as an early player in the Industrial Internet of Things market.

At DTL Systems Ltd we began using Kepware’s products to support our Provideam OEE Solutions from the early noughties, and became a Kepware Sales and Support Partner in 2004.

In this on-line course we will explore Kepware’s KepServerEx OPC Connectivity Platform. The course will deliver working examples of how to connect to devices such as PLCs, and Databases; how to link tags; how to create an OPC tunnel and much more.

The course is not intended to give an in-depth knowledge of every feature in KepServerEx, but more to give an overview of many of the most significant stand-out features in the platform. We hope it will provide the participant with an appreciation of how KepServerEx can be used to overcome many common industrial communications challenges.



The course is aimed at Automation and Controls Engineers, working in the areas of Operations Technology, OT, and Information Technology, IT, that are relatively inexperienced with Kepware and OPC. It may also be of benefit to IT professionals working on initiatives in IoT and Digital Factory.


Course Details:

  • Delivery: on-line.
  • Duration: 4 hours.
  • Cost: €250 / participant
  • Modules:
Module NameLength(mins)
Introduction to OPC20
Installing and Licencing Kepware20
Connecting to a PLC35
Reading From, and Writing to a Database20
Data Logging15
OPC Tag Linking20
OPC Tunneling20
IoT Connecting to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft PowerBI40
KepServerEx Troubleshooting15


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DTL Systems Limited is a Connected with Kepware® Preferred Distributor in Ireland. As a Connected Preferred Distributor, DTL Systems Limited promotes, distributes, and offers local support and training for all software solutions across Kepware’s product portfolio outside of North America.

@Kepware is a software development business of PTC Inc. located in Portland, Maine. Kepware provides a portfolio of software solutions to help businesses connect diverse automation devices and software applications and enable the Industrial Internet of Things. From plant floor to wellsite to windfarm, Kepware serves a wide range of customers in a variety of vertical markets including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Building Automation, Power & Utilities, and more. Established in 1995 and now distributed in more than 100 countries, Kepware’s software solutions help thousands of businesses improve operations and decision making. Learn more at