Connects disparate devices and applications, from plant control systems to enterprise information systems


Many industrial companies fail to scale IIoT projects and get stuck in what has been termed Pilot Purgatory. The last mile challenge of bringing together complex, ad-hoc heterogeneous data connectivity architectures with old, unconnected machines and siloed data is often what keeps them from progressing.

TKS (Enterprise Licencing)​ solves this. No matter where the data is, the interoperable platform makes it accessible to a broad range of environments including SCADA, MES, ERP and IIoT. This accelerates the time to value by simplifying digital transformation projects, extending connectivity to legacy machines and equipment, and providing the flexibility to get ahead of IIoT deployments by connecting factories in advance.

The new enterprise connectivity platform includes access to all Kepware drivers, protocols, and advanced plugins—providing a single, robust interface to industrial data across your entire enterprise.

Streamlining connectivity across all factories is vital to achieving digital transformation and drastically reducing implementation time. Enterprise level connectivity from our platform enables simplified and standardized connectivity between the diverse automation devices and sensors across all factories and operations environments—to your preferred IT solution.

Accelerate Digital Transformation Initiatives

Built by connectivity experts at PTC and trusted at over 75,000 sites, our enterprise wide connectivity platform provides a reliable, scalable, and secure architecture. This ensures Industry 4.0 projects stay on schedule and on budget, improves the security of your operations/OT network, and covers connectivity needs today and into the future


    The interoperability of the platform quickly and easily connects, aggregates, and optimizes data from diverse automation devices and sensors—making the data easily accessible to a broad range of IT and OT systems (IIOT, ERP, SCADA, MES, etc.)

Speed and Reliability:

    Connect to devices in minutes so you can quickly collect data that both OT and IT can use as the “one source of truth”—without writing or maintaining custom code or interrupting production. Rely on technology that has been trusted by engineering and operations for over 20 years.


    Connect to almost any asset on the plant floor, so you can easily scale within and across factories. With standardized data access to IT applications, you’ll no longer need to waste time creating custom connectivity for each new asset or facility.


    Improve cybersecurity by converting insecure protocols to secure protocols, minimizing attack surfaces, and fostering segmentation of the operational network.


    A team of dedicated and award-winning connectivity experts are at the ready to ensure your projects stay on track

Common Industrial Connectivity Challenges

  • Limited data access from automation devices and sensors from many different vendors
  • Difficulty connecting to existing/preferred IT Software solutions
  • Trouble scaling an IIoT or Industry 4.0 solution past PoC
  • Taking the first step in an Industry 4.0 implementation
  • Securing operations or OT networks
  • Achieving buy-in from automation and plant engineering groups

How Premium Enterprise Connectivity​ Helps

  • Connects and provides a single, robust interface to industrial data across your entire enterprise—including diverse automation devices and sensors
  • Provides interoperable connectivity to both IT and OT systems such as IIoT, ERP, SCADA, HMI and MES
  • Connects in just minutes to legacy and modern machines and devices, eliminating the need to replace existing equipment
  • Creates consistency and standardized protocols for all of your digital transformation initiatives by having all plants use the same technology
  • Has the most built-in connectivity of any solution, making it easy to scale
  • Drastically reduces implementation timelines, accelerating your time to value
  • Enables and promotes network security best practices
  • Easily managed by one license per factory
  • Centralized data processing functionality enables Machine to Machine (M2M) tag linking, logic, and math functions for operational communications and analysis.

Organizational Benefits

  • Accelerate time to value with on-time and on-budget deployment of Industry 4.0/Industrial IoT solutions
  • Leverage existing assets and production workflows, saving valuable time and money by not replacing them (no need to shut down)
  • Deployments/implementations that scale beyond the initial PoC
  • Improved security and reliability for your operations or ICS networks
  • 24/7 PTC Gold Support

Native Connectivity to ThingWorx

    The interoperability of TKS (Enterprise Licence) provides the foundational element to any Industry 4.0 or connected operations solution. In addition, it includes a native interface to the ThingWorx IIoT Platform.

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