DTL Systems is proud to partner with GlobalSign, one of the leading global Certificate Authorities. This partnership allows us to help you to deploy secure and trusted intranet communication for your organization.

Secure Your Intranet Connections with GlobalSign and DTL Systems

We are delighted to collaborate with GlobalSign, enabling us to provide Intranet SSL Certs backed by a trusted Certificate Authority. With DTL Systems and GlobalSign, you can rest assured that your intranet connections are protected by industryleading security measures.

Intranet SSL Certs for Secure Communication

Intranet SSL Certs play a crucial role in signing intranet communication across various web service-style protocols, including OPC-UA, REST, MQTT, HTTPS, and more. These certificates guarantee the authenticity and integrity of your intranet connections.

Managed Intranet SSL Certificates

We provide a management infrastructure to ensure that you are given notice when it is time to renew your certs. We also provide a portal where you can view and manage your certs.

SSL Certificate

Privacy & Security = Trust

GlobalSign's SSL Certificates offer the strongest encryption and value-add features to ensure your network traffic is protected and meets the demands of today's modern sites. By insisting on GlobalSign SSL Certs your organization can relax, knowing that your data is kept secure and encrypted.

Flexible Intranet SSL Certs with Advanced Management Features

At DTL Systems, we offer a range of Intranet SSL Certs designed to meet your specific needs. Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5-year certificate options. Additionally, our certificates can be locked to a Server Name or an IP address, providing an added layer of security. We also offer proactive certificate management services, sending you timely alerts before the expiration of your certs.

Industry-Recommended Certificates for Production Applications

When it comes to industrial communications software for production applications, industry leaders like Kepware strongly recommend adhering to best practices for certificate usage. While self-signed certificates may be suitable for demo and test purposes, it is crucial to prioritize the use of CA-backed certificates for production environments. See Kepware’s share security vision (pdf download), as well as the Kepware Secure Deployment Guide (pdf download)

CA-backed certificates, provided by trusted Certificate Authorities like GlobalSign, offer enhanced security and reliability for your production applications. By opting for CA-backed certificates, you ensure that your intranet connections are protected by industry-recognized security measures.

Streamlined Process for Intranet Certificate Acquisition

a) Register a GlobalSign Account with DTL: Begin the process by registering an account with Global Sign through DTL Systems.

b) Await GlobalSign Validation: Our team will ensure the smooth and secure validation of your account.

c) Order Name/IP Based Certs: Once your account is validated, proceed to order Intranet Certificates tailored to your specific Name or IP address requirements.

d) Upgrade to CA-Backed Certificates: Elevate the security of your production applications by replacing any self-signed certificates with trusted CA-backed Certificates, as recommended by respected industrial communications software providers like Kepware.

To order your Intranet Certificates, please Contact us to begin the process!

SSL Secured

Insider View

The adoption of OPC-UA has been phenomenal. It offers so many advantages over OPC-DA. However, many users have made the mistake of using unmanaged self-signed certs, and this mistake is really starting to bite

We’ve had several reports recently of down production lines stopping for hours – due to the expiry of unmanaged self-signed certs. In one case I heard of recently the lines were down for over a 24hours.

In the pioneering days of OPC-UA, self-signed certs were created willy-nilly, and promptly forgotten about – only to remembered after they had expired – shutting down lines, and whole plants. There was no thought about managing the life cycle of the security infrastructure.

There are an increasing number of webservice style, certificate based, protocols cropping up in Production Environments nowadays. Apart from OPC-UA, we have REST, MQTT, and of course HTTPS, etc. etc.

Without proper management of this infrastructure – it is a disaster waiting to happen.

This is why we have teamed up with GlobalSign. Our partnership with GlobalSign allows us to provide Certificate Authority backed Certs, with a supporting management infrastructure. This management infrastructure gives you a portal to manage your certs, but also an email alerting system which will inform you well in advance of a cert expiry.

We would be delighted to assist you properly secure your Intranet Communications.

Paul Mitchell, Director DTL Systems Ltd

SSL Secured