DTL Systems Ltd

DTL Systems Ltd is a specialist solutions provider in the area of Industrial Communications, Data Collection and Data Analysis.

We have partnered with some of the foremost suppliers in the area. Our extensive real-world experience combined with leading edge products from these suppliers allow us to offer you comprehensive, cost effective solutions to your Industrial Communication issues;


OMRON OMRON is a world renowned manufacturer of Industrial Automation Equipment. DTL Systems is a Technology Partner of OMRON’s, specialising in Machine Automation Controllers (MACs) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based control systems products. OMRON’s MAC and PLC range is extensive covering mini-PLCs from 10 input/outputs to full powered MACs controlling upto 256 servo axes.

OMRON’s PLCs and MACs are equipped with a large number of communications options including Modbus, Profibus-DP, ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, and OPC-UA. In addition the MACs have the ability to read/write from Databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. They are an ideal solution for collecting data from the plant floor.

Contact us if you have any query relating to OMRON PLCs and MACs etc.


Kepware Kepware has established itself as the market leading developer of OPC Technology across the globe. Its products facilitate the interaction of plant floor industrial devices with MS Windows manufacturing software – from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), to Manufacturing Productivity Analysis Software, to bespoke solutions, Kepware is the glue which enables these systems to talk to plant floor industrial equipment.

Kepware has always invested heavily in Research and Development – thus continually reinforcing its position as the market leader. Much of this R & D effort is currently focused on the exciting new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space, where individual plant floor sensors are being connected directly to Big Data Solutions in the Cloud. Already Kepware has a substantial product suite focused on this emerging market – from REST Client/Server Interfaces, MSQTT brokers, to native interfaces to leading Big Data Solutions providers such as Splunk and ThingWorx. Kepware’s IOTGateway plugin makes it very easy to upload factory data, in real-time, to the MS Azure or Amazon AWS Cloud, and to enterprise dashboards such as Microsoft Power BI.

Contact us if you have any query relating to Kepware Drivers, or OPC Bridging, OPC Tunnelling, or IIOT etc.


Provideam Provideam is an enterprise class solution for collecting and analysing plant floor productivity data. Based on the OEE Model, Provideam allows you to generate live or historical OEE/Productivity Reports at the press of a button. Provideam is a native intranet application and is accessed using any modern web browser.

Provideam can be deployed, out-of-the-box by the end-user. It does not require any specialist skills or custom development. Rather it is designed to be configured and managed by the end user. To configure Provideam the user simply loads the details of the assets to be monitored into Provideam.

Provideam scales easily from one Asset (Machine/Line) to multiple Plants. It includes the ability to perform a standardised OEE Loss Analysis between plants. We encourage users to try the solution on a small number of assets and then when they are happy they have modelled their assets as they would like – roll it out to other areas / plants.

Contact us if you have any queries on implementing a Provideam OEE solution.

Technical Consultancy;

Provideam Manufacturing Productivity Suite
  • Realtime OEE Monitoring
  • Realtime Plan Adherence
  • Event and Alarm Monitoring
  • Alarm Annunciation
Kepware OPC Drivers and IIOT Interfaces
  • OPC Data Connectivity
  • Industrial Systems Communications Bridging
  • OPC Redundancy
  • OPC Tunneling
  • OPC Data Logging
  • OPC Application Development
Lancom Industrial Wifi Networks
  • Industrial Wifi Implementation
Technical Training;

We offer customised training on Kepware and Provideam solutions. Training courses are designed to meet the individual requirements of each customer. Courses are usually delivered at the customer’s site, however they can also be delivered at a suitable 3rd party location.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

Technical Support;

We offer support agreements for all the solutions we provide. Support can be delivered over the phone, by email, by web links to your site, or in person.

Contact us to discuss your support requirements.