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DTL Systems Ltd is proud to be a trusted resale partner for Kepware's industrial connectivity solutions. For over 20 years, Kepware has been at the forefront of providing robust and reliable products that enable businesses to seamlessly connect diverse automation devices and software applications.

As a reseller, DTL Systems Ltd has been working closely with Kepware since the early noughties. In 2004, we became an official Kepware Sales and Support Partner, solidifying our commitment to delivering exceptional service and expertise to our customers.

Kepware offers a range of popular products that cater to industrial connectivity and communications needs.​

Product Offerings:

1. Premium Enterprise Connectivity:​

For those looking for enterprise/site wide standardised communications then we recommend Premium Enterprise Connectivity. TKS is essentially KepServerEx tailored for enterprise use, with additional features not found in KepServerEx. These include Active Directory Integration, a 24/7 Support Helpline, IOT Gateway Plugin, OPC UA Gateway Plugin, and Edge Connectivity to Kepware+.

With Premium Connectivity, you're not just investing in the present; you're securing a future-ready solution. It's designed to evolve with your business needs, ensuring long-term compatibility and adaptability.

TKS is licenced on a per server, subscription basis.

To learn more about Premium Enterprise Connectivity: Premium Connectivity

Linux-based Edge Solutions:​

For lightweight Linux-based IoT solutions, we offer the TKE (Linux). ThingWorx Edge Server is licensed on a subscription basis, allowing you to leverage its capabilities without any hassle.

Learn more: TKE (Linux)

2. Standard Driver Connectivity:​

KepServerEx Product is an ideal solution for connecting Client Applications (SCADA, MES, ERP, OEE etc.) to 3rd Party Devices using a wide range of communications options. It offers the flexibility to license individual drivers or bundles of drivers, and both perpetual and subscription licensing models are available.

Some of Our Most Popular KepServerEx Licences

  • Manufacturing Suite Licence is a comprehensive license that includes connectivity options for various industrial protocols and devices, allowing integration and communication between different systems in a manufacturing environment.
  • Siemens Suite Licence focuses specifically on providing connectivity solutions for Siemens industrial automation and control products. It enables communication with Siemens PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other devices using protocols like S7, PROFINET, and OPC UA.​
  • Allen-Bradley Suite Licence, on the other hand, is tailored for connecting with Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Automation devices and systems. It supports protocols such as EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, and DeviceNet, allowing communication with Allen-Bradley PLCs and other compatible devices.​
  • OPC Connectivity Suite Licence enables seamless integration and communication between systems/devices supporting OPC protocols for data exchange and interoperability.​

For more information about KEPServerEx, Click here​

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DTL Systems Limited is a Connected with Kepware® Preferred Distributor in Ireland. As a Connected Preferred Distributor, DTL Systems Limited promotes, distributes, and offers local support and training for all software solutions across Kepware’s product portfolio outside of North America.

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