Industial Automation


OMRON Automation Systems include Programmable Controllers that support machine control, and Network/Software products to support easy information exchange with host systems.

Machine Automation Controllers (MACs)

The Machine Controller series offers synchronous control of all machine devices and advanced functionality such as motion, robotics and database connectivity. This multidisciplinary concept allows you to simplify solution architecture, reduce programming and optimize productivity. Read more here

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Programmable Logic Controllers, along with easy-to-use Support Software, are available to flexibly handle applications from small-scale equipment to entire production lines with Programmable Logic Controllers such as those in the CJ2 and other series. Read more here

CP1 PLC Range

The CP1 comes in three versions;

  • CP1E; Cost effective solution with enhanced expandability for Analog and Temperature Control
  • CP1L; High Performing Programmable Controller with Embedded Ethernet
  • CP1H; 4 Axis Position Control and Comprehensive Programmable Controller

CJ2 PLC Range

The CJ2 is the flagship medium to large application OMRON PLC.

As a modern machine manufacturer you need to continuously increase the intelligence and flexibility of your product to remain competitive. But you also need to be absolutely certain that it all works perfectly, first time, every time.

The CJ2 is the result of years of experience as market leader in the field of modular controllers and represents a logical next step in controller design. It offers greater performance and faster I/O response as well as extreme scalability – so you will only need one family. In addition, programming, debugging and networking are faster and easier.
Welcome to the new CJ2 Family: built to give you innovation without growing pains.

Although CJ2 is a can directly replace any CJ1 CPU, it offers the following additional significant advantages:

Open to the world

Data communication is via standard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link function.

Advanced motion control

CJ2 units offer multi-axes synchronous control, and can replace expensive motion controllers.


Faster program execution and immediate I/O refreshing enables flexible machine control.

Learn one, know them all

Thanks to the wide variety of CPUs with consistent architecture across all PLC families, you only need to learn one, and you will know them all.

Highly flexible

Adapt the PLC to your needs with the wide variety of compatible CJ1 Family I/O units (nearly 100).